I Work for Archangel Metatron and friends, who has trained me for many years. Share wisdom and love for the aquarian age. 

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A book will be ready this year.  Dawn of a new day, a new paradigm, is written with Archangels and many Masters, also Vision for the Future.

Bjorg facilitator in Reykjavik Iceland

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Decree for the New Age by Archangel Michael channel Ronna Herman Vezane


Heightened sense of Awareness

Unity Consciousness

Channel Bjorg in Iceland

Lord Metatron and Bjorg channel on Living in Harmony and Balance

Find Inner Peace in the Wind of Change Lord Buddha

Be gentle with your self, move quickly but slowly.  Be good to yourself and never push yourself on. Take a move and try to solve the issue. Can meditate on it, it can help if have focus on something.  Try to release negative emotions and don´t give up. The light will flow through you, just have to be patient. Be sure what it is you want and you will get help with that.  Just ask.

When have connect to the Creator, on a deeper level, every thought becomes expression of the Creator. Unite your will with the Creator and you will feel where to go, you will feel it in your heart. The Creator knows what is best for you.  You dance in the ether of life. You feel peace and joy and everything becomes much easier and filled with joy.

Be still don´t let your mind take you away, be silent if you can. For a little while and then a little longer. If something is on your heart allow you to release.  Sometimes have to forgive, sometimes accept facts as they are.  Sometimes have to work something out.  If are afraid have to trust.  Be kind to yourself and when feel better can be kind to others too.

When you have healed your emotion, you can be at peace with yourself, when you are aware of your suffering can manage your emotions.  Need to start with awareness, what cause you pain and what makes you happy?  You can write down or remember your mental triggers.  Then accept the suffering and find out ways to solve it.  When have focused your mind you be more balanced and loving with open heart. Can easily receive and give to the world around you with love and understanding. 

Your inner power is love and wisdom, when you trust the Creator you can be in the flow of life and use your power for greatest good of all. You need to find what is your truth, your values, your attitudes towards life. 

When have healed your pain, be at peace with yourself, you can move with ease and grace. Set intentions and work for the greatest good of all. Need to have clear goals and to be open to receive love and adjustments.

Lord Buddha and Bjorg channel on Inner Peace