Channel Sabine Sangitar

This sentence for the day was brought by Shadees

My dearest family,

Today energies of Shadees are transmitted.

For the human consciousness this means,
It is the time of transformation and the energy of Shadees is very important in this. You can decide for change anew every day and let go of what does not serve you. Shadees will support you. The Starseed also bring their sounds and singing to you whenever you ask for it. Thus you will bathe in the unconditional love and can let happen what is happening full of trust. Become aware of all the treasures you carry inside: your abilities, your love, your trust. Look at or feel your creative light that shows you that you are connected with all that is, that you are more than just human. Call the Prosonodo Light, ANA’ANARAA and ANASHKA whenever you want, so that these energies of redemption can work for you.

Use the Crystal EL’ACHAI (I am here – Peace for you yourself – Peace for all nations) as often as you want and let it circulate. Crystals are like a prayer and always work to the highest benefit and as is right and good. Because of that you can send EL’ACHAI to yourself, but also around the whole planet. Peace for all nations.

I wish you a very pleasant and fulfilling Christmas time and am happy you are here.


Sabine – Sangitar
The next Sentence for the Day will be posted on January 1, 2020.

“Become a vessel for the light to flow through you, find inner peace and have more joy in life”

Archangel Metatron