Archangel Metatron drawing and Microsoft stock photo


“When we respect one another, we show tolerance and care, we are caring for each other, we listen to others view and try to find a middle way.  We also, try cohesion, to stick together and find share value in every situation. What is more, we try to find ways to solve everyone´s problems.”

“We have a holistic view. “

The drawing 

“To people pull in 2 or more opposite directions, when having a conversation, to show respect to each other, both will have to slow down, open their hearts and listen and adjust if need to do so.”   

“If both parties show respect and adjust to each other, the conversation will be easy to understand.”  

“Either one will control the conversation if both relax and adjust, but if just another does this, it is likely that the one will then manipulate the conversation.” 

Connect on a deeper level 

“You can connect on a deeper level, on a soul level then the conversation will flow more easily, sometimes you don´t even have to talk so you can understand each other.” 

“On the same level, one ethnic group will have to adjust to each other when having a conversation, also connect on a soul level and prepare for a deeper understanding.”  

“Sometimes if a very aggressive person it is better to relax and adjust very much, and if the person wants to manipulate you, then just let her or him do that to a certain level and then you say stop.”  

“Then the aggressive person must adjust too.”  

Move closer 

“You can move closer to each other but always have a space between you where love and understanding can flourish.”  

“When you move closer to each other and share your feelings, it could make the conversation much more complicated.”  

“If there is so there will be more need for respect and tolerance because you have to respect each other feelings also and not only different views and understanding.” 

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