Whole in Whole

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“So the main question is, would we consider the universe itself to be a whole, or is it just a heap, a chaotic pile of wholes, artefacts, and social holons? And if we agree with Lazlo that the universe is indeed a whole and not a heap, would that mean the universe has its own interior, which many might label “God”? Would it mean that the universe exists in a community of other universes since no holon exists in isolation and all wholes are also members of a collective? Might something like brane theory or multiverse theory help us account for the “community of universes” that our own universe would be a member of?”

Corvey DeVos in conversation with Ken Wilber


Everything in the Universe is a whole in a whole, from the atom to the galaxy, all the universes in the galaxy are holons.

You are a part of the family, you are included and the family is part of the society, is included, the society is part of the country, included, and so on. But where do we end? Do we just focus on our country or is the world a little bigger, Europe or the planet Earth?

Now we are making the world bigger and we see that the planet Earth is included in the galaxy, it is a holon, a whole in a whole. Now we know little about the other universes in the Milky Way galaxy but we know they are also included, a whole in a whole and they must be connected to be a whole, when we look at pictures from the galaxy we can see this very well.

Though we just see a part of the galaxy we know there is more, there is always some bigger whole we are a part of, we are included in this whole.

We are very small compare to the Universe we live in.

Photo by egil sju00f8holt on Pexels.com
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