Bjorg About Values


All have values, we know what is right to do, we know what is most important in life and how to live it.  The values people often mention are love, gratitude, being present, unity and joy.

But why not living them?

It seems not enough to talk about it or concepualize it, not even visualize, we need to do more, to put it into practice. Even though it is very deep believes.

For example, it is not enough to decide you want to be grateful, you have to show it, isn´t? So now I decide to show it to someone and there are many alternatives, can give back, make life easier somehow or just show empathy or be joyful.  These all seems our natural abilities when were childrens it were not so difficult we gave back with joy and with being nice to someone. But then everything were different,  we were in a stream of love and joy with open heart and subjective mind. But now is our mind programmed and our heart closed? But we have a solution, we have mindfulness or being aware of the present moment, in the present moment you can scan your body and emotions, quiet your mind. 

Or is it so simple?  No, we need to accept ourselves, the pain and situations and not hide from it, have self love, can use afirmations, stop self critic and forgive. And all the other self help stuff.

How can I do it?  Have to go through a transformation.

What is that?

Transformation process could be like this:

  1. Being present helps you to feel what is happening now in you
  2. Then have to deal with the worries
  3. Instead of negative thoughts have to find solutions
  4. Understand the emotional pattern, need help with that
  5. Reprogramming the brain and
  6. Heal the emotions
  7. Recognize your true self
  8. Be the light you want to see in the world

Author is Bjorg with a little help 

You are welcome to comment on this and share your experience.

Author: Bjorg

"Fly your dreams" Unity for us all

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