The Quality Life keys

The Quality Life keys, an Integral Theory in practice; the S-keys, We-keys, H-keys and I-keys by Gudbjorg Eggertsdottir in Reykjavik, Iceland

Map your keys and have a focus on a vision and with a system model framework.


The I- Keys

The I-keys are a system view of the Individual “I” perspective, to leverage the development of the individual.

Everything starts from the mind of the individual and the culture and the intelligence is the prominent force and many other things as well. For instance the circumstances, the habits and all the influence from the surroundings. Therefore it is important to have a focus on your own development for conscious grow up. Also to have a purpose for your life and to know your identity. You can choose many paths for your journey.

The Q-keys

The Quality Life keys are system keys to leverage our system thinking, that is very important to help us to solve more complicated problems, and for holistic view.

Ken Wilber´s integral model the four quadrants is very helpful to map our reality and take care of all the perspectives that are necessary for success.

The Quality life keys, correspond to “Its” Integral Model

The System Approach

With a System Thinking, to leverage our development with a focus on a special vision.

The AQAL Integral Mind Model by Ken Wilber

To map the reality for a holistic approach and have an integrated view.

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The W-Keys The We keys “WE” Integral Model AQAL

The I-keys The Individual keys “I”

The H-Keys The Health and Healing keys, “IT”

The S-keys The System keys “ITS”

The System Approach